Thursday, 9 August 2012

I'll Raise My White Flag...

In my early teens, I was completely obsessed with wedding dresses, there is something so ethereal and beautiful about wearing white and was probably also due to the obsession I had with Disney fairytales, my all time favourite "Beauty and the Beast" love, love it. At the age of 22, I like to think I've outgrown my wedding dress obsession but I still love anything white especially in Summer. Dresses are high up on my list, recently I bought a beautiful white dress at Topshop which I'm so in love with but don't wear that often because I don't want to risk it getting dirty, it's tough wearing white!

Quand j’étais jeune on peut dire que j'avais une petite obsession avec les robes de mariée, ya quelque spécial d'une robe blanche et peut être que c'étais aussi a cause de l'obsession que j'avais avec Disney, mon classique préféré, "La Belle et la Bête."  A l'age de 22ans je pense que l'obsession avec les robes de mariée est mort (enfin pour cette période ou je suis célibataire et fière...nul la phrase lol) mais je toujours cette obsession avec la couleur blanc surtout pendant l’Été. J'adore des robes blanches, récemment j'acheter une robe blanche a Topshop que j'ai déjà porte deux fois mais a chaque fois je toujours peur qu'elle deviendra sale.

I saw this picture on Urban Bush Babes (I couldn't resist at least one wedding pic) love this picture, I'm so having my hair in a twist out for my wedding. 

My top picks:
Embossed Scuba Skater Dress £50 Topshop

Moto White Baxter Jeans £25 Topshop

Multi Glam Wristwear £15 Miss Selfridge 


  1. Ooo I've been the same ever since I was little,
    but I still haven't outgrown the obsession -
    The top dress is gorgeous.


    1. In my ideal world, I'd wear white everyday. Wedding dresses are beautiful aren't they, worth the obsession! x


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