Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My First Kreativ Blogger Award (Happy Dance!)

I feel very honoured that Kiki gave me the Kreativ blogger award, I'm officially re-giving you the award again just cause you're so awesome! Muchas gracias chica!

  • Favorite song:  I currently have Hillsong's "God Is Able" album on rotation and one of my favourite songs on the album is "Rise" one of my favourite lines is "every idol will bend and break but our God you will never fail." It gets me fired up for God's plans in my life.
  • Favorite dessert: Häagen Dazs ice-cream especially the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour (drooling as I type)
  • Something that pisses me off: People that walk slow, this is London we've mastered the art of power walking even when you're not in a rush so slow walkers drive me nuts!
  • When I’m upset: Sometimes I cry or I pray or both.
  • My favorite pet: My childhood pet Kuzco which my sister let escape (yeah I'm still salty.)
  • Black or White: Black
  • My biggest fear: failure, ants and boiled onions.
  • My best feature: I like making people laugh
  • Everyday attitude:  Get up and kick ass (I'm a bit competitive!)
  • Perfection is: Eating Häagen Dazs  at the Champs-Elysées store in Paris and sitting in front of the Eiffel tower (one day soon!)
  • Guilty pleasure: Häagen Dazs ice cream :-D
7 Random Facts About Me

  1. I originally came to England because I wanted to play football, my mom said no = the end of my short lived football career and marrying Cesc Fabregas.
  2. I'm crazy about my natural hair and it is slowly turning me into a massive product and ingredient junkie, this does not come cheap!
  3. I'd love to one day adopt a little girl (or two) from Brazil. 
  4. My number one man is Jesus, when I moved to London He helped me come out of my cocoon, I was fine with not making friends but Jesus had His 12 so I guess I need my 12 too (my 12 don't actually have to be "12" people lol)
  5. I love dogs and generally don't mind cleaning up after them! I can't wait to have my own house and have like ten million two of them running around.
  6. I love my mom but sometimes I prefer going shopping with my dad, he has a more refined classic eye (my mom still buys some of my clothes though lol.)
  7. I love biltong, it's a kind of raw meat that's dried and spiced that we eat in South Africa.

And the academy award for Kreativ Blogger goes to:
Funbi of Dat Funky Fro
Vonnie of Socialite Dreams 
Elle of Party Over Hair
Yani of Kyami's Mami (love her blog and tumblr) Fashionton Heights
Tammy of A Fendi Bag and A Bad Attitude (love her blog)
Alexandria and Whitney of Sporty Afros
Precious of Precious Curls 
Kia of Yummy 411

Version en Français Kreativ Bloggers :-)

  • Chanson Préféré:  J'ai la nouvelle album de Hillsong "God Is Able" et une de mes chansons préféré est "Rise" les paroles qui me touche le plus est "every idol will bend and break but our God you will never fail."  Ça me rappel que le plans de Dieu viens juste de commencer dans ma vie :-)
  • Mon Dessert PréféréHäagen Dazs, je suis accro
  • Quelque Chose Qui M'enerve: Des gens qui marche lentement, parfois je sent cette rage en moi quand quelqu’un s’arrête juste devant moi, gros tchip la!
  • Quand Je Me Sent Triste: Parfois je pleure, parfois je prie et souvent c'est tout les deux!
  • Mon Animal Prefere: Mon ancien chien Kuzco qui est perdu quelque part en Afrique a cause de ma soeur :-(
  • Noir ou Blanc: Noir
  • Ma Peurd’échouer, des fourmis (oui vraiment lol) et des oignons bouillie.
  • Meilleur Caractéristique: J'aime faire les gens rigoler.
  • Mon Attitude Pour Chaque Jour:  Lève toi pour gagner (j'ai un esprit compétitive!)
  • La Perfection C'est: Manger du Häagen Dazs au Champs Elysée et d’être assis devant le Tour Eiffel (un jour!)
  • Plaisir Coupable: Häagen Dazs :-D

7 Random Facts About Me

  1. J’étais venu en Angleterre pour joueur au foot mais ma mère as refuser alors au revoir a mes rêve d’être connu et de marier Cesc Fabregas.
  2. J'adore mes cheveux naturel et je suis devenu un product junkie. J'aime acheter des ingrédients (qui sont super cher parfois) c'est pas facile d'avoir des cheveux naturel!
  3. J'aimerai adopter une petite fille de Brésil.
  4. Jésus est mon numéro un, l'homme de ma vie. Quand je suis venu a Londres, je n'avait pas trop envie de faire des amis mais Jésus avait ses 12 alors peut être que moi aussi j'ai besoin de mes 12 (mes 12 ne sont pas effectivement 12 personnes lol)
  5. J'aime les chiens et ça ne me dérange pas de leur laver et d'autre chose pas si amusant, je hâte pour ce jour ou j'aurais ma propre maison avec des millions des deux chiens entrain de courir partout dan la maison.
  6. J'aime ma mère mais je préfère faire du shopping avec mon père, il as un style classique (ma mère m'achete toujours de vêtement...parfois!)
  7. J'aime le biltong, c'est une viande qu'on mange en Afrique Du Sud, cru et bien épicé!
Mes blogueuse Kreativ:

Funbi of Dat Funky Fro
Vonnie of Socialite Dreams 
Elle of Party Over Hair
Yani of Kyami's Mami (love her blog and tumblr) Fashionton Heights
Tammy of A Fendi Bag and A Bad Attitude (love her blog)
Alexandria and Whitney of Sporty Afros
Precious of Precious Curls 
Kia of Yummy 411


  1. Congrats lady, you certainly deserve it! Someone has a serious ice cream obsession I see, lol! I've been thinking about adopting myself, no time soon but definitely a consideration. Okay, I had no idea who Cesc Fabregas was but once I Googled him...lol, now I understand :)

  2. Thank you sis :-) I am obsessed with ice cream but I am cutting down (I think) ok trying to cut down lol. Adopting is one of my dreams, giving a child a home and a family of their own. Cesc Fabregas sigh if he was like "hey will you marry me?" I'd be like ok lol

  3. Congrats on your award sis!! Thank you for passing it on to me :) Wow you wanted to play football! Adoption is also something I'd had on my mind since I was a child. I think your biltong is called suya in Nigeria...if that's it, I love it too! I really enjoyed reading sis! Thanks for sharing!


  4. My mom crushed that down quickly lol you know how African moms can be haha. Suya that sounds cool, they have bootleg versions in the UK but nothing that even comes close to S.A. thanks for sharing Funbi :-)


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